Day Three: My Car Is Dissed by a 10-Year-Old

Wake up. Feed cats, dog and goldfish. Over breakfast, daughter hands me typed list of all the ways her best friend’s life is better than hers. It is four pages long, single-spaced. Includes:

he has a TV and phone in car

he is aloud to have soda

he is aloud to sit in the front seat on highways

he has a pool

he gets to have unhealthy things for dinner like sushi pizza pork and loads of more crap

he had lots of people stare at his car

his golden car is nicer than my car

he has been to Disney Land, Disney World, Lego Land, Lego World, Splashdown Beach, Splashdown Waterpark, Sesame Place and Hershey Park, Sea World, Dorny Park and Jamaica Great Wall of Flauge and Mall of America

he has the web

his parents let him go to McDonalds alone

he is aloud to prank call 911

his mom is nicer than my mom

Agree that list is 100% accurate. Both express wish that these people would adopt us.

Now off to work!

After asking mother to pimp my book on her Facebook page, sales double in a single day. However, still ranking somewhere around the number of atoms in a human body. That’s okay. I hit double digits in sales for first time in months! Celebrate with bag of ginger snaps.

Stuck on page 10 in new WIP and realize need serious character development. Back story! Dreams, fears, motivations. Major breakthrough when I decide that one of them looks like my old boss.

Calendar tells me I’m supposed to drop to eight pieces of nicotine gum today. Brutal! May have to push that off a day or so.

Sketch some maps of my world, which is based on the Persian Empire. Finally get around to cracking stack of books on Persian Empire I ordered from library. Sidetracked by pictures of pretty jewelry and plates.

Double-check when I sent that middle grade manuscript to agent. Three weeks ago tomorrow. Resist harassing him.

Decide to listen to inner guru/third eye and do some yoga instead of indulging social media ADD. Have moment of zen.

don draper


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