Day Six: Why Everyone Should Write from Bed

Wake up. Feed cats, dog and goldfish. At breakfast, remind daughter to stop telling kids at school that we are related to Hitler. We are not even German.* She is half-Irish (me), half-Ivoirian (dad).

Daughter is bleary-eyed from watching too much Vicar of Dibley last night, but agrees.

Now off to work!

Or not. For some reason, new manuscript has come to a grinding halt at page 10. Review reasons why this could be happening.

  1. Compulsive email checking every five minutes.
  2. Drastic reduction in nicotine gum.**
  3. Anxiety over two completed manuscripts that I am waiting to hear news about.
  4. Plot clear, secondary characters still blurry.

Decide to focus on #4. Google images of actors who look like my peeps and print them out. Spend too much time in Tom Hardy rabbit hole. He is so Victor.

Try writing in bed, longhand in spiral notebook. This actually works! Much less terrifying than blinking cursor. Cons: my ass falls asleep after an an hour or so. Still worth it.

Realize I may have to muscle through this one, but love the story enough to keep going. It has romance, adventure, tragedy. Deep truths about what it means to be human.

Why so hard then?

Not sure. Maybe it just needs more sharks.


*Obviously (I hope) we are not neo-Nazis and we hate Hitler like every other normal person on earth. Figure it is the Aspergers kicking in.

**Which is becoming more expensive than a crack habit. Must exercise will power!


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