Share your tale of broke writer misery!

Part of the point of this blog is to talk about some of the less glamorous aspects of trying to write things other people actually want to pay to read. The bad decisions, the shitty luck, the scathing one-star reviews. The publisher that goes out of business a month before your debut book comes out, and the day before the several thousand bookmarks and postcards you ordered land on your porch. The fourth grade writing workshop where the first kids to show up inform you that “you were our last choice.”

Both those things happened to me, and they’re pretty funny (the first one mainly because my agent resold the book so it turned out okay–better, actually–in the end).

For every new six-figure deal or bestseller we see on Twitter or Facebook, I guarantee that person spent hours struggling and getting rejected and wallowing in self-doubt. That’s just how it works.

Whether you write full-time or part-time, whether you’re published or not, whether you are successful in whatever way you measure that, really doesn’t matter. Everyone has a story to tell. And for me at least, it makes me feel a lot better to know I’m not alone. We need to laugh with–and occasionally at–each other, right?

So this isn’t a blog about how to write fiction, or get published, or market your work. Lots of other people already do a much better job of that than I could (like Beth Revis, who you definitely should check out).

No, this is a blog about misery. About barely earning a dime. About sitting alone at a signing. About having no idea when, or if, you will ever sell another book. About having utterly deranged children.

But guess what? Some of it’s pretty hilarious. So if you have a good broke writer story, I would love to hear it! My email is katrosswriter@gmail. If it’s sad and horrible enough, I promise to post it on this blog. You can absolutely be anonymous.

Why don’t we just quit? Not sure.

maybe I like the misery


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